The most common problem of Bitdefender Antivirus

BitDefender is one of the most common computer security service provider brand in the world, people love to use Bitdefender for the security purpose of the computer. 

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Bitdefender use globally that’s why there is one of the biggest chance to faces various issue, and most of the people face the issue regularly that’s why they find the best way to solve out this kind of issue properly and permanently, there are so many problems is happening when anyone using Bitdefender for a long time or try to install Bitdefender, if anyone solve the issue quickly they can also take the help of Bitdefender Support to solve this properly. 

The most common issue mentioned below: 

There are so many issues is happening but we are discussing one of the most common issues which are  

Pc won’t boot after installing: 

This is one of the most common issues of every Bitdefender user, there are so many techniques to solve out the issue but it takes some time if anyone wants to solve the issue quickly they can take a help of Bitdefender Technical Support to solve this issue quickly, and there are some other techniques is also solve the issue which restarts your computer in safe mood, then browse the computer and uninstall and after uninstalling download again. After that restart your computer again I think the issue will be solved properly. 

Bitdefender Won’t scan the Pc:  

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The nature of antivirus scans your computer properly but sometime it won’t happen that’s why some issues are happening, nowadays most of the people face this kind of issues and complain against Bitdefender many forums and many more place, here is the easy solution to solve this issue quickly simply follow the steps to solve this, simply uninstall Bitdefender and reinstall it, after install restart your computer and do checking for scan, I think the issue will be solved, if the issue still not fix you can contact Antivirus Support to get quick assistant. 

For anything related to the Avg Antivirus, the people can contact the Avg Antivirus Support Number


This is one of the most common issues of every Bitdefender user, they are facing the issue related to the mentioned issue, we also know that there are so many issues which are not mentioned in this post. If anyone faces any other issue which isn’t listed in this post or page they can also take the help of us simply visit Bitdefender Support phone Number to solve this. The support team is always ready to help people and solve out the issue quickly 24*7